Wholistic Pet Organics Dog Colostrum 3oz

Wholistic Pet Organics Dog Colostrum 3oz

Wholistic Pet Organics

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Wholistic Colostrum Powder™ represents nature's complete package. Colostrum is fondly known as "Mother's First Milk" because it is the very first nourishment that the newborn receives before the production of "milk". Colostrum is loaded with all the benefits necessary to sustain life and, furthermore, contains the all-essential Mother's antibodies that help protect the helpless newborn from the environment's assault. Without Mother's antibodies to protect the newborn from pathogens, the newborn would quickly succumb.


Wholistic Colostrum Powder™ is an extremely concentrated powdered form of bovine colostrum and is the first choice in providing your pet with passive immunity (immunoglobulins IgA, IgM, IgG, lactoferrin) during times of stress, illness, and/or periods of recovery or for general immune function support.


A 100% pure form of “mother’s first milk”, just better!

Freshly collected, concentrated and tested for guaranteed immunoglobulin levels.

Pure bovine colostrum in every 1/4 teaspoon

Collected from strictly controlled US-origin dairy herds that are fed diets free of meat by-products, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides

Processed in USDA licensed & inspected human food processing plants

Ethically collected from hours 12-24

Especially useful during times of increased stress and periods of normal recovery and/or general immune function support.


Administer 1/4 teaspoon per 15 lbs of body weight. Can be adjusted per individual pets needs. 


Known as “mother’s first milk”, colostrum provides high antibody levels for natural immune support and is a rich source of amino acids, growth and immune factors, enzymes, and proteins that promote growth and aid in cell renewal.

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