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Take Advantage of Our Pet Nutrition Counseling

If your Dog or Cat is suffering from skin & coat issues, allergies, hot spots, excessive itching or licking, yeast overgrowth, digestive issues, joint pain, obesity, excessive weight loss, or another ailment, we have a few options we can try to get your pet back to great health...

  1. We can discuss the option of an alternative Allergy Test (Glacier Peak Wellness Stress Scan) and based on the results help develop a customized plan for your pet.
  2. We can help go over an Allergy Blood Test from your Veterinarian and find a diet that will fall in line with the results.
  3. We can recommend an elimination diet and help you along the way with what to feed and when to start adding back in carefully while monitoring the results.
  4. We can start a weight loss/gain plan and have regular “weigh -ins” and track progress and adjust as needed, celebrating the wins!
  5. We can show and explain any beneficial supplements or treatments that could help your pet depending on the condition. We carry several holistic solutions to treat skin issues, gut issues, pain, and more.
  6. We can partner with your Veterinarian when appropriate to try to reach great results in a combined approach.

We are happy to discuss diet and nutrition anytime you are in the store. If you desire a bit more time, or your pets need is more complex, we are happy to schedule you an appointment with one of our Nutrition Experts. Just complete the form below and we will reach out to schedule it.