We carry several types of CBD products safe for your pet. CBD helps with Anxiety, Pain, Inflammation, Epilepsy, Cancer, Nausea, and more.

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Pet Releaf Hemp is grown at the largest Certified USDA Organic Hemp Farm in the US. (Colorado) They use natural and organic ingredients and use Full Spectrum Cannabinoids. THC Free, 3rd Party Batch Tested, you can scan and see the results of the lot you buy! We carry most of the Pet Releaf line including the Liposome oils, the tablets, and most of the treats.

pet releaf

Austin and Kat ingredients are all human grade and are third party tested to ensure efficacy and purity. Their full spectrum CBD is made in small batches using locally sourced ingredients, in their bakery in Seattle WA! We carry all their Oils and Treats.

austin and kat

Healthy Roots CBD 

The Healthy Roots® Hemp mission is to help as many people as possible by providing high-quality, local products at an affordable cost. Vision: We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity to live their best lives, with the support of brands and products that enhances their quality of life. About: Healthy Roots® Hemp provides hemp-derived full spectrum hemp extract oil products that are made to improve health, help ease aches and discomfort, and enhance day to day life. Our team believes in and embodies our mission wholeheartedly. We are seasoned in all avenues; from the cultivation of hemp to formulating recipes with extensive knowledge on all forms of cannabinoids, providing an incomparable product for the market. From your pets to your grandmother, and everyone in between, we have something for everyone.


Colorado Hemp Honey uses natural honey from Frangiosa Farm Hives. They use 100% pure raw Rocky Mountain honey and Colorado grown full spectrum hemp extract. A yummy but beneficial treat for your pet. Available in Jars, Sticks, Bone Broth and tinctures of Oil. The oils contain bee propolis for additional benefits. We also have the Balm in stock!

colorado hemp honey

Super Snouts Hemp is Veterinarian Formulated, Organic, Grown by USA Farmers and has zero THC. Their Treats use Water Soluble Full Spectrum Hemp for better bio availability.  Their Soul Vibe Line contains a high dose Skin Balm and Gel Caps for Human use both of which we carry and Love!

super snout