Dog Food

Wenatchee WA

Dogs thrive on a biologically appropriate (carnivorous) diet but we know that not all dogs do well on the same food. That is why Firehouse Pet Shop carries such a wide selection within our Dog Food Department. We have several Grain Inclusive and Grain Free options for different pups needs. All our food is wheat, corn, soy and by-products free. You will find plenty of clean, high meat diets perfect for your pup!

Stop by or give us a call so that our experts can answer any questions you may have!


Raw/Frozen Dog Food

Lightly Cooked Frozen Dog Food

Freeze-dried Dog Food

Air Dried & Dehydrated Dog Food

Wet Dog Food

Dry Dog Food (Baked and Extruded)

Puppy & Large Breed Puppy Food

Senior Dog Food

Specialty Food (no prescription needed) for things like Kidney, Weight, Digestive, Allergy, Behavioral and Skin Issues.