Cat Treats

Wenatchee WA

Firehouse Pet Shop chooses only healthy treats from the thousands of brands available in the marketplace. We believe in carrying only the treats we would feel comfortable feeding to our own furry family members. We look at things like sourcing, processing, location of production, and each ingredient. Every line we carry was selected by completing extensive research with the valuable input of the Pet Community. We also look for sustainable, environmentally friendly, vegan and small batch companies that you won't find in a big box store.

Stop by or give us a call so that our friendly and knowledgeable staff can point you in the right direction! (But really... how great is it knowing you can grab anything and its healthy?!)



Frozen & Lick-able Treats

Jerky & Meaty Treats

Freeze Dried & Air Dried Treats

Limited Ingredient Treats

Necks & other Chews

Dental Treats

Supplemental Treats for issues such as Urinary, Hairballs, Kidney, Digestion, Anxiety, Skin Issues and more.