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WO Ball *


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The WO Ball is a unique twist on the classic, yet well-loved "ball" dog toy. Use the WO Ball in your favorite ball chucker (it bounces and floats!) or stuff some treats in the 3 cavities to keep your dog busy around the house. The WO Ball will soon be your dog's (and your) favorite toy!

For each WO Ball we purchase, WO donates 2 meals to widows and orphans in Ethiopia. The money goes directly to providing meals, not to administrative costs. They provide meals through their partner organizations in Ethiopia.

SAFE >> The WO Ball is made with your dog's health and dental hygiene in mind. It is made with a high quality, chemical-free material that is BPA-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA-compliant. That means you don't have to worry about your furry best friend ingesting bits of chemical-laden plastic. The WO Ball is safe and soft on your dog's mouth.

Size: 2.8" diameter


Colors: Blue, Green, Cranberry, Yellow.


Material: made from 100% toxic-free thermoplastic blend that is healthy for your dogs teeth and jaw!


Dogs needs exercise, mental stimulation, and meaningful bonding experiences with their owners to be healthy and happy. That's why we created the WO Play collection (Ball, Bone and Disc).

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