Walk E Woo Smokin Collar

Walk E Woo Smokin Collar


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Some call it the diggity dank, others know it as reefer, or mary jane, cheeba cheeba, ganja, or just plain old marijuana.  Others know it as miraculous CBD that helps with a multitude of health issues. Whatever, we got it! For all those peace, love and kindness hippie-loving dogs!


We construct our collars with four goals: performance, comfort, style and durability.


Made of soft, strong, breathable nylon webbing, Walk-e-Woo's exclusive designs are printed on durable fabric that resists water and dirt.  


We've added contoured, quick-release buckles so your pup has extra comfort and safety whether you're out duck hunting or bargain hunting.  


Our extra durable reinforced nylon thread means many years of wear without wearing out, and the nickel-plated steel D-ring will proudly display your dog's credentials.


Care instructions: Wipe dog collar with damp cloth for minor clean up or machine-wash in netted bag.  Hang dry.

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