Tailspring Puppy Powder Milk Replacer 16oz

Tailspring Puppy Powder Milk Replacer 16oz


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Puppy Milk Replacer - Powdered

ailspring milk replacer provides the right nutrition for puppies from birth to weaning and beyond. It can also be used as a meal flavor enhancer providing additional nutrients and delicious taste for adult dogs.


Scientifically formulated to closely match mother’s milk

Provides all necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients for development and growth

Cleanest ingredient list on the market

Goat milk as the base makes it easy to digest

Delicious taste encourages puppies to feed

100% Human Grade ingredients

No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors

Simple to use, just mix powder with warm water

Fl oz equivalent: Using the dilution on the package 1 part powder to 2 parts water, 16 oz powder makes approx. 450 teaspoons or 75 fl oz





Dried whole goat milk, safflower oil, dried goat milk protein, l-arginine, dl-methionine, calcium lactate, choline chloride, sunflower lecithin, taurine, gum arabic, magnesium sulfate, ferrous sulfate, vitamin D supplement, vitamin A, supplement, vitamin E supplement, copper sulfate, potassium iodide.


Guaranteed Analysis:


Crude Protein.............33%

Crude Fat (min)..........40%

Crude Fiber (max)......1.0%

Moisture (max)...........5.0%

Calorie Content (Calculated):


The calorie content (ME) is 4,465 kcal/kg or 31 kcal/Tbs.



Premix and Store:

For normal puppies: Mix 1 part powder to 2 parts warm water (a part may be a tsp., Tbs. or cup).

For weak puppies: Mix 1 part powder to 3 parts warm water and gradually reduce to 2 parts water over several days (a part may be a tsp., Tbs. or cup).

Use a blender on pulse setting or use a glass jar with a tight lid and shake vigorously.

Refrigerate any portion of the mixed formula up to 48 hours.

Feeding Puppies:

Warm premixed formula to body temperature as needed for each feeding.

Feed 1 tsp. per 4 oz. of body weight every 3-4 hours.

As puppies grow, gradually increase the amount fed daily per body weight, while decreasing the number of feedings until averaging 2-3 feedings per day.

Continue to feed milk replacer until puppy is completely weaned onto solid food.

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