Super Snouts Urinary Berry 2.64oz

Super Snouts Urinary Berry 2.64oz

Super Snouts

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Urinary Berry Urinary Tract Support


Jar w/Scoop

150 Servings for a 50lb Dog!

Veterinarian Recommended.


Provides Support for the Bladder and Urinary Tract

2 Simple Ingredients: Cranberries, Wild Blueberries

Naturally dense in Proanthocyanidins (P.A.C.’s)

P.A.C.’s Prevent the Adhesion of Bacteria on the walls of the bladder and Urinary Tract

High in Natural Antioxidants

Suggested Amount:


As a preventative to Urinary Tract Infection, give twice per day for TWO WEEKS. Reduce to TWICE PER WEEK after the initial two weeks for maintenance.


Pet Weight / Amount

​00 – 25 Lbs 1 Scoop

25 – 50 Lbs. 2 Scoops

51 – 100 Lbs. 3 Scoops

100 Lbs + 4 Scoops

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