Scratch and Sniff Micro-Bandit

Scratch and Sniff Micro-Bandit

Scratch and Sniff

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Scratch and Sniff Cat Trees- made right here in WA State! They don't get much more beautiful then these! Each one will vary slightly in carpet and driftwood so they are all unique! We recommend you come in to see our current selection of these beauties! There are several different styles, we are showing a few here online so you get the idea :)


The Micro Bandit

The Micro is good next to a window, the couch, or next to a taller tree that you already have. Also good for older cats if you want them to have their own place to relax without the fear of being too high ( 2'-3' ).


From the owners....

After years of building all types of trees for all types of cats, we believe we have developed a line that embodies all we have learned about our feline friends. Multiple surfaces are oversized to accommodate most sizes. Flat platforms, from the very top to the very bottom allow for worry free lounging, curved edges that cradle your cat and provide a secure place to lay against. Quality materials will last as long as possible against the merciless wrath of our cat's claws (better the tree, than the sofa)... neutral colors that work in most any decor... and a size for every home.


These trees can be large and heavy so we may charge a delivery fee if it requires more then one person to deliver.

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