Safeguard 4 Canine Dewormer Granules

Safeguard 4 Canine Dewormer Granules


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Dogs readily accept Safe-Guard® Canine Granules. When mixed in food, dogs usually eat it without fuss, which helps to ensure that they receive a complete and proper dosing.



Weigh your dog to make sure you are using the

correct dosage.

Follow the box directions for daily dosage requirements.

(refer to chart)

The same dosage must be administered for three

consecutive days.

Do not stop treatment before the end of the three-day

treatment period.



Because of the life cycle of whipworms in dogs, Safe-Guard® Canine Dewormer must be used three days in a row to effectively destroy this canine parasite. This 3-day strategy works best to ensure that all 4 major types of parasites are eliminated. And, since you only have to administer Safe-Guard® twice a year, you can choose which 3 days for each session are easiest and most convenient for your busy schedule. Even better, most dogs will gobble up the Safe-Guard® dewormer along with their food in just a few minutes.

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