Petmate Fresh Flow Rain Fountain

Petmate Fresh Flow Rain Fountain


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Petmate Fresh Flow Rain Fountain

Enrich your pet's environment with the first ever, 100% battery powered, electronic Petmate Fresh Flow Rain Fountain. When the pump begins to run, water is drawn from the bowl up through the tube and filter to the top of the lid, creating secondary drinking locations. Once water reaches the top, it "rains" down the inside of the water chamber. As the water fills the water chamber, the water streams from the front nozzle and refills the bowl creating a rain like flow that is naturally appealing to cats and dogs and will perk your pet's interest. The water reservoir and pump are self-balancing allowing gravity to constantly flow water, allowing the pump to run half of the time. No more cords, outlets, or limitations on where to place your pet's water fountain. Modern design fits well with any home decor. Keep your pet hydrated and happy with the easy-to-clean Petmate Fresh Flow Rain Fountain. Requires four D-Cell batteries (batteries not included).




12.9 X 10" X 9.2"


75 oz.

Product Weight

2 LB


Circulates filtered water for your pet to keep water fresh

Holds up to 72 ounces of water to ensure pet has water

Battery saving technology - pump turns off to conserve battery life

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