Petmate Auto Portion Right Feeder

Petmate Auto Portion Right Feeder


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Petmate Portion Right Programmable Dog and Cat

Petmate Portion Right Programmable Dog and Cat Feeder 2 Sizes Brushed Nickel. 


AUTOMATIC REFILLS: Programmable pet nourishment container discharges pet sustenance at assigned occasions, perfect for occupied pet parents

FOOD STORAGE: Twist-bolt top keeps nourishment fresher for more and is anything but difficult to evacuate for advantageous refills

EASY TO PROGRAM: Automatic canine feeder includes an extensive LCD screen makes it basic for pet guardians to plan dinners and set segment sizes

STABLE & SECURE FOOD STATION: Bowl bolts safely into remain to counteract dependability; curve bolt top keeps pets from getting to the put away sustenance inside the canine nourishment dispenser

30-CUP CAPACITY: Pet nourishment gadget is accessible in a 30-container ability to store bigger amounts of sustenance as needed

SLEEK, METALLIC FINISH: Neutral, “Brushed Nickel” complete supplements any room of the home

BATTERY OPERATED: Timed feline feeder keeps running on three ‘D’ cell antacid batteries, excluded with purchase

With three basic catches, the Petmate Portion Right Programmable Food Dispenser enables pet guardians to program novel feast gets ready for pets. The pet bowl’s worked in “dinner counter” conveys set parts of suppers at various occasions of the day, perfect for occupied pet guardians with long workdays or amid short avoids home. The straightforward sustenance container makes it simple to screen nourishment levels and the bend bolt cover keeps kibble crunchy and tasty. The bowl is removable for simple cleaning and can be securely set in the best rack of a dishwasher. Accessible in 18-glass and 30-container limits, this programmed pet feeder obliges pets of all sizes.

12.3 × 11 × 10.9 in

30 Cups


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