Peruvian Striped Poncho With Multicolor Fringe

Peruvian Striped Poncho With Multicolor Fringe

Peruvian Trading Co

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Patricia and Javier started Peruvian Trading Company. They work with a network of head knitters and family groups in Lima, Peru, designs and yarn is distributed to the head knitters who live in the city’s outlying communities. They in turn, travel to the mountain side and gather the knitters to distribute the yarn in community centers and also traveled door to door to mainly women knitters who have expert intricate hand knitting skills.


These groups of knitters will get together in their community centers and exchange knitting technics, also with the support of the government and nonprofit organizations, master knitters will come to town and tech them the best and latest in mastering their craft.


These groups are made up of friends and relatives who arrive in the city and towns after the annual harvest because then work is not found on the fields but the populated areas. They work very hard, save money and return for the next year crops and harvest giving them the opportunity to maintain their lifestyles. Some of them become skillful enough that they themselves become the next head knitters generation.


PERUVIAN TRADING COMPANY and business partners are very fortunate to have found each other along the way and become a mutual binding, socially and financially motivated force of development for all parties involved.


They have been trading fair with our knitters before “fair trade” became trendy.

Check out their website for more amzing option sna more about this company and their story! 

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