Miso Fortune Cookies Bulk

Miso Fortune Cookies Bulk

Miso Handmade

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Cat Fortune Cookies

Wanna play? Love catnip? Need good fortune? Great, then you'll love this set of 4 catnip filled fortune cookie toys.


Handmade & ready to ship



each cookie is 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"


Sewn of:

fleece, certified organic catnip, fiber fill


Packaged in:

Chinese take out box


We hand make each Catnip Fortune Cookie of fleece, fill it with organic catnip and top it with a touch of fiber fill for pouf.


Each cookie toy has a fun cat appropriate fortune sticking out of the toy including such phrases as:

Watch out for dogs

People adore you

A bird in the mouth is worth 2 in a tree

It's playtime

You will climb to great heights

Your future is fishy

An empty lap needs a cat

and other funny feline themed fortunes!


We use a super potent certified organic catnip that is grown in the USA.

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