Microcyn Ear and Eye Wash 3oz

Microcyn Ear and Eye Wash 3oz


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MicrocynAH Eye/Ear Wash 3 oz.

About MicrocynAH®

The MicrocynAH® family of animal healthcare products are the ONLY animal healthcare products formulated with the original Microcyn® Technology. With over ten million creatures successfully treated—both four-legged and two—there has never been a single report of a serious adverse effect as a result of being treated with Microcyn®-based products. It is a superior hypochlorous acid solution that is clinically proven safe, non-toxic and effective. Can safely be used around the nose, eyes, ears and mouth and requires no mixing or dilution.


Use eye and ear care liquids and gels for:

Eye cleaning

Eye abrasions (with intact cornea)


Symptoms of pink eye




Wounds and irritations to the outer ear and ear canal

Cleaning ears affected by irritations caused by contaminants or pollutants

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