K&H Thermal Bowl Gray

K&H Thermal Bowl Gray


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Prevent your pet's drinking water from freezing with the thermostatically controlled K&H Thermal-Bowl. Simply plug it in and your petʹs water will remain open all winter, even in extremely cold temperatures. It's perfect for outdoor dogs or multiple outdoor cats.


Thermostatic Temperature Control : Thermostats inside the Thermal-Bowl automatically respond to changes in temperature to keep the unit running optimally and prevent ice formation. There's no switch to turn on and, when temperatures are sufficiently cold, the Thermal-Bowl will begin to warm after being connected to a power outlet.


Multiple Colors & Sizes : Choose a K&H Thermal-Bowl that fits your style and capacity needs. We offer this product in the following configurations:


32 oz., Slate Gray (plastic)

96 oz., Blue (plastic)

1.5 gallon, Granite (plastic)

102 oz., Stainless Steel


Energy Efficiency : These bowls operate on only 12 or 25 watts and consume very little energy. Now you can keep your pet hydrated without affecting your electric bill significantly.


Safety-Tested : The K&H Thermal-Bowl has been tested rigorously and certified by MET Labs. Their certification means this product adheres to strict electrical safety standards.


Build Quality : All Thermal-Bowl electronics are safely sealed inside to prevent water damage and facilitate outdoor use. The 5.5 foot power cord is steel wrapped to prevent abrasion and resist chewing.

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