JW Pet Shedding Tool

JW Pet Shedding Tool


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The JW GripSoft Shedding Blade features a rubber-sheathed ergonomically designed handle made to fit the natural curvature of your hand and provides optimal comfort and control while grooming your pet. The curved oval shaped blade has tiny teeth that release even the most matted portions of fur. A great tool that is also perfect for removing large amounts of dead and shedding fur on larger breeds. The Shedding Blade also helps to reduce mats when used regularly. The metal teeth in two different lengths lift shedding hair from the undercoat and losses lightly matted fur. The teet is turned in 90 degrees away from the skin so that they are parallel to the skin rather than straight down. This helps to prevent raking which can scratch the skin which will make it a more enjoyable experience for your pet.


Dimensions 13" X 5' X 1.5"

Product Weight .38 LB

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