InClover Flow UT Cat Treat

InClover Flow UT Cat Treat


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Urinary tract support for the health of your cat is essential to their comfort and wellbeing. Flow® addresses urinary tract support by using a scientifically formulated combination of natural dandelion, cranberry, prebiotics and gentle herbs to promote healthy pH, bacterial balance and kidney health. Daily use provides gentle support for normal water consumption, urination and overall health.


Grain free

Free of wheat, corn and soy

No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

Made in USA

100% satisfaction guaranteed




Flow’s formula goes beyond traditional cranberry supplements to work with your cat’s natural physiology for greater urinary tract comfort. True, the ingredients in this formula help to maintain a normal urinary pH creating an environment difficult for bacterial growth and crystal formation. We believe in going beyond addressing symptoms, which is why our ingredients address the entire system by promoting water intake to flush the urinary tract and providing a natural lubricating coating to soothe uncomfortable tissues. We know cats can be picky, so we spent a year conducting palatability trials to ensure your cat will have the best tasting good health, and we’re pretty proud that 9 out of 10 cats prefer our functional daily supplements. Science never tasted so good!



Flow is formulated with cranberries to gently regulate pH, which is crucial to maintaining a urinary tract free from pathogenic bacteria and urinary crystals. Dandelion leaf is a natural ingredient that promotes healthy water consumption and urination to flush the system regularly. Marshmallow root and yucca work together to lubricate cats’ urinary tracts and soothe urinary tissues for greater comfort and overall urinary health!



Cranberry Extract: 140 mg

Alfalfa: 80 mg

Dandelion Leaves: 50 mg

Organic Inulin: 50 mg

Yucca Extract: 40 mg

Marshmallow Root: 40 mg

[Inactive: Betaine, brewers dried yeast, citric acid, glucono-delta-lactone, glycerin (vegetable source), linoleic acid, mixed tocopherols (preservative), natural aluminosilicate, natural chicken liver flavor, natural cream flavor, pork gelatin, rosemary extract (preservative), tapioca starch.]

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