Go Cat Cat Catcher

Go Cat Cat Catcher

Go Cat

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The GO CAT CATCHER WITH MOUSE REFILL includes everything you need to keep your cat happy and active with a teaser toy they'll love! This package includes both the original cat teaser toy of a mouse dangling on a wire attached to a flexible wand that makes it easy to exercise your cat. The mouse at the end of the teaser toy provide a realistic hunting experience to coax your cat's natural instincts.


The Go Cat Catcher with Mouse Refill also includes a second mouse toy to attach to the toy in the event of an excessively exuberant cat. Each toy is handcrafted in the USA to ensure its quality. Your cat will love to chase this Cat Catcher Mouse, so order a pack for your feline friend today!



Includes both Cat Catcher teaser toy and Refill Mouse

Fun way to provide exercise for your kitty

Handcrafted in the USA

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