EzyDog Drive Harness Black

EzyDog Drive Harness Black


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Crash Tested Dog Car Harness - SIMPLE TO USE FOR EVERY RIDE!

The Drive™ Harness from EzyDog is the simplest to use car safety harness for your dog. Once the original custom sizing is completed, this harness can be stepped into by your dog and latched shut within just a few short seconds! Check out the short video below to see how EZY it is to use the DRIVE.


The Safety Tested Vehicle Harness

Safety First!  This car safety harness conforms to and has passed all relevant requirements for the following standards: USA (FMVSS 213) Europe (ECE Regulation 16) Australia (ADR42/04). Learn more about our safety testing here.



Size Girth (cm and in) Weight (lbs)

S 28 - 64 cm 11 - 25 in 15 - 35

M 38 - 86 cm 15 - 34 in 35 - 65

L 49 - 106 cm 19 - 42 in 65+


Simply feed the seat belt through both webbing handles on the top of the harness, click the buckle into the seat belt of your car and you're ready for the Drive.



You only have to fit the harness to your dog once (see 'Fitting Instructions tab for Instructions) From then on, the Harness can be taken on/off very quickly using the Dual SR Buckle Closure System.


Engineered to Last

We have used only the strongest and high quality materials in this product. The Tri-Glides are made from Aluminum Alloy, so they are light, durable and incredibly strong. 


All webbing is made from vehicle-tested seat belt webbing and the Crosslink™ technology ensures that the harness is the ultimate in strength.


The Chest Plate section is padded and contoured to mold to the shape of the dog for a custom fit   

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