Da Bird Wild Thing Refill

Da Bird Wild Thing Refill

Go Cat

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Your cat Love Da Bird, here's a refill feather to top up your flicker!


Why buy the entire kit when you can get a replacement accessory for your Cat Catcher or Original Teaser. Need a reminder why your kitty love Da Bird?


Hand made in the USA with natural, Da Bird is set on long wire or string to drive your cat wild. By encouraging instinctual behaviour, your cat will exercise while playing, keeping them healthy and alert.


This wand-style cat toy features lifelike insects that attract your cat almost as well as real ones.




Cats LOVE the action and sound of the feathers

Natural, Non-toxic materials

Great interactive play for your cat

Replacement accessories are available separately

You receive a Replacement Wild Thing Feather (colours may vary) to use with your wand. The wand/flicker is available for purchase separately.


Go Cat Cat Toys are hand-crafted in the US so you know you're getting a quality product to drive your kitty wild!

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