Da Birdie Refill

Da Birdie Refill

Go Cat

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Teaser Wand Cat Toy Attachment

Da Birdie™ by Go Cat® 

Get your cat off the couch with the popular Go Cat® Da Birdie™ Teaser Wand Cat Toy Replacement. Every time your cat hears the sound of Go Cat® Da Birdie™ Teaser Wand Cat Toy Replacement, they will be ready to play. This lifelike replacement helps engage your cat’s natural instincts – hunting, stalking, and pouncing, in a fun and healthy way. Enjoy endless fun with this high-quality replacement toy.


The GGo Cat® Da Birdie™ Teaser Wand Cat Toy Replacement is interchangeable with other GO CAT® poles.



Approx. 2 ½ inches long

Handcrafted in the USA from top-quality materials

Sold individually, colors may vary

Fit all rods that have a cotter clip on the end

Easy to replace - simply unhook your old attachment and hook on the new replacement

Optional wand available

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