Healthy Food and Treats

Firehouse Pet Shop is proud to offer only the best foods and treats for your Pets.

How We Select the Foods Carried at Firehouse Pet Shop?

food at firehouse pet shopFirehouse Pet Shop chooses only healthy foods from the thousands of premium pet foods available in the marketplace. We believe in carrying only foods we would feel comfortable feeding to our own furry family members.  Every line we carry was selected by completing extensive research with the valuable input of the Pet Community.  We strongly encourage Pet Parents to do their own research and feel comfortable with the options they present their pets.  At Firehouse Pet Shop we strive to be a valuable resource for the Pet Parent, and share options that are available.  We are never judgmental in our approach, and have a since drive to help you.  We recognize that there are other great brands available in the marketplace so we gladly do special requests for customers and would be happy to stock that product for you.

First and Foremost, Firehouse Pet Shop will not stock foods made with fillers, ingredients of poor nutritional quality such as meat by-products, anonymous meats and unnamed plant products, artificial preservatives, sugars, or coloring agents. All ingredients in the foods we carry have a nutritional reason for being there. We also strive to be wheat, Corn and Soy Free. We look at the quality and digestibility of the ingredients for the biology of the dog. We look carefully at the ingredient sources of the nutrients.

Using Quality ingredients is just one part of the overall process in creating a good pet food.  How the ingredients are produced, the amount in each formula combined, and the sourcing are all key in producing only the best and freshest foods.  The product must actively contribute to the health and betterment of the pet, and never compromise health.  We support a holistic and heritage specific formula based on proven research and common sense.  The nutritional needs and goals must be achieved, and not just offer empty promises and flashy advertising campaigns.

We prefer to stock products from companies that make their own foods. They tend to have quality control unmatched in the market place, and have a vested interest in producing only the best quality food possible.  Additionally we only use companies that manufacture foods right here in the United States, or in credible countries that have even higher standards such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia.