Microcyn AH Anti Itch Spray 8z

Microcyn AH Anti Itch Spray 8z


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MicrocynAH Anti-Itch Spray Gel with Dimethicone 8 oz.


About MicrocynAH®

The MicrocynAH® family of animal healthcare products are the ONLY animal healthcare products formulated with the original Microcyn® Technology. With over ten million creatures successfully treated—both four-legged and two—there has never been a single report of a serious adverse effect as a result of being treated with Microcyn®-based products. It is a superior hypochlorous acid solution that is clinically proven safe, non-toxic and effective. Can safely be used around the nose, eyes, ears and mouth and requires no mixing or dilution.


Use dermatology spray gel with dimethicone for:

Hot spots



Burns and Sunburn

Skin rashes

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