FF Adjustable Pocket Pet Sling Chevron Gray

FF Adjustable Pocket Pet Sling Chevron Gray

Furry Fido

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Furry Fido Chevron Grey Adjustable Pocket Pet Sling

Perfect for pet owners with snuggly friends under 13 pounds. Our hands-free and adjustable strap design makes it very convenient for you to carry your pet anywhere. It’s reversible, versatile, and made with breathable and soft fabric that is machine washable. Your pet will feel very safe and secure inside of our sling-style pet carrier bag that is designed for extra protection with a safety collar hook. It also comes with a pocket to store your important items on the go.


Furry Fido Pet Sling is Suitable for

Small Pets (up to 13 lbs)

Small Dogs


Puppies & Kittens

Senior Pets

Pets with Disabilities

Travel Together with pet parents


Size: one size.

Care instruction: Machine wash.


Made in China

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