Canada Pooch Slush Suit Black

Canada Pooch Slush Suit Black

Canada Pooch

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The Slush Suit


The perfect dog winter onesie that will protect your pooch from the elements, from rain to snow and slush


Why you'll love the Slush Suit

Full body protection like never before

Water-resistant exterior so your pooch stays dry

Side zipper closure for easy pull-on comfort

Adjustable neck for the perfect fit

Sporty branded taping on the side

Shell & Lining: 100% Polyester



Measure from the base of your dogs neck (right below where their collar would sit) all the way to just above the top of their tail.

Size Back Length Chest Girth

10 10" Up To 18"

12 12" Up To 21"

14 14" Up To 22"

16 16" Up To 26"

18 18" Up To 28"

20 20" Up To 30"

22 22" Up To 33"

24 24" Up To 34.5"

26 26" Up To 38"

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