Zippy Paws Cat Kicker Pepper

Zippy Paws Cat Kicker Pepper

Zippy Paws

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ZippyClaws Kickerz - Pepper


Can they kick it? Yes, they can. And you know they will. Toss your playful kitty a ZippyClaws™ Kickerz toy and sit back and watch as they unleash a barrage of bunny kicks and other signature moves on their adorable opponent. Each plush filled Kickerz contains catnip to help lure your cat in and stimulate playtime. 
ZippyClaws™ Kickerz are designed to satisfy your cat’s instinctual hunting behaviors by providing them an outlet for play fighting activities like wrestling, batting, and bunny kicking. Their larger size and plushness make them the perfect snuggle buddies for cat naps too. 

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