Zippy Paws Cat Catnip Crusher Bubbly

Zippy Paws Cat Catnip Crusher Bubbly

Zippy Paws

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ZippyClaws Catnip Crusherz - Bubbly


Inspired by the ZippyPaws Happy Hour Crusherz dog toys, ZippyClaws™ Catnip Crusherz are whimsical little plush toys guaranteed to get the playtime party started. Available in a variety of spirited designs, each bottle-shaped plush is topped with frills and filled with catnip to pique your cat’s interest. Toss a Catnip Crusherz to your whiskered little friend and watch as they become the life of the party! 
ZippyClaws™ Catnip Crusherz are your favorite spirits in plush form for your cat to enjoy after a hard day of napping. Perfect for keeping your indoor cat occupied and engaged in playful activities like batting, pouncing, and chasing around the house. 

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