Zippy Claws Cat Butterfly & Dragonfly

Zippy Claws Cat Butterfly & Dragonfly

Zippy Paws

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ZippyClaws 2-Pack - Butterfly and DragonFly

Satisfy your frisky feline’s instinct to hunt with this pair of adorable, winged insect toys from ZippyClaws™. Each cute little plush toy in this set features irresistible string antennae, catnip, and sparkly crinkle wings that will tap into your cat’s prey drive and keep them engaged in active play for hours.  
The ZippyClaws™ Butterfly and Dragonfly toys are designed to pique your cat’s interest and stimulate their senses. Mimicking the high-pitched chatter produced by critters in the wild, the crinkly sound made by these toys is likely to trigger instinctive behaviors like chasing, stalking, pouncing, and biting. 


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