Parisian Pet Tee Sorry Santa Ate Cookies

Parisian Pet Tee Sorry Santa Ate Cookies

Parisian Pet

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It's dog apparel with attitude! Our embroidered dog shirts are made of a soft 100% cotton fabric. Excellent gift for dogs and dog lovers.


Simply adorable, this is Santa dog shirt is perfect not just for Christmas, but for any time of the year thanks to its cute message. "Sorry Santa! I ate your cookies" is embroidered in white and light teal letters, with the hem in the same shade, all providing a stunning contrast against the bright red cotton material. Ideal as a Christmas dog shirt, this item comes in eight sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for both tiny dogs and large breeds in equal measure. Give your store a boost in sales and order this shirt wholesale today to take advantage of our remarkably low prices!


Material: 100% Cotton

Embroidered dog shirt.

Machine-washable for easy care.

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