Deer Antler

Deer Antler

Marty Krofta

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Deer Antlers

Deer Antlers are less porous and more dense then Elk Antlers. They are extrememly hard. They are also smaller then Elk Antlers in width. 


Antlers are a great 100% natural chew that cures their craving to chew, works as a dental chew, and has essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. 


Split Antlers with the Marrow exposed aren't as hard, they are generally more tempting to dogs, but they do not last as long as whole antlers. Split are available in Elk as they are larger in size to be split.


We buy our antlers from a local source and ensure they are great quality, with soft sanded edges. They are not brittle, treated, cracking, or chalky.


If you wish to order an antler online, we will select one for you, the picture just shows that the sizes and cuts vary. Simply select from the sizes available. 


Antlers are hard and you should supervise your pet (as with any chew). If a piece breaks off, or they get to the point there is a small piece left, we recommend disposing of it as it can be a choke hazard. We do not recommend whole antlers for puppies or senior dogs as they are too hard. If you want to do an antler for those ages, please order an Elk Split as there is more give when chewing.



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