Meowijuana Spliff Lit*

Meowijuana Spliff Lit*


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Catnip Spliff - Catnip and Silvervine

A purr-fectly rolled fresh spliff for your furry friend! This 7" long, 4.25" in diameter feline fatty comes packed full of our high-grade, organic Meowijuana! Makes a GREAT gift to pass to the left paw side! Just make sure to have your cat's Medical Meowijuana Card on hand when the furry 5-0 rolls up! 


Catnip can be given every other day to cats, but after a few minutes, its effectiveness wears off and your cat will need to be away from the catnip for a while in order to experience a reaction again. Catnip may not be well received by cats under a year old.

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