Mad Cat Batty Bulb

Mad Cat Batty Bulb

Mad Cat

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The Mad Cat Batty Bulb is a fun, interactive toy that combines playtime with mealtime to help control your cat's weight. It is the best way to feed your cat & Engage their natural hunting Instinct at the same time. You can choose to put either treats or even a meal in the batty bulb and watch your cat chase and SWAT. The transparent cover displays treats and food with smells holes which attract hungry pets to arouse their interest and appetite. The tumbler design makes this toy stay in the same place and weaving from side to side to stimulate your pet's curiosity. The inside LED light design excited cats without scaring them or annoying you. Challenging and entertaining, The Pet Craft Supply batty bulb helps keep cats busy, healthy and happy.


TREAT DISPENSER: The perfect sized opening dispenses treats or food as your cat plays. Doubles as a slow feeder and helps to promote exercise and a healthy diet.

TUMBLER DESIGN: Rounded bottom rocks back and forth when pushed, batted or swatted. Rocking motion encourages a cat’s natural instinct to hunt and play.

LIGHTS UP: Led light attracts cats to play. Light automatically shuts off when cats stop playing with the toy to save battery power. Batteries included.

EASY TO USE & CLEAN: Simply twist off the top, add treats or food, and replace the top to secure. Top cannot be easily pulled off by your pet. After use, twist off the top again to wipe the inside clean.

RELIEVES BOREDOM: Keeps cats entertained and occupied longer, while helping to relieve boredom.


Materials Polyester, PP Stuffing, Catnip, Silvervine

Length 7.09 inches

Width 4.72 inches

Height 3.15 inches

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