HuggleHounds Hexo Knottie

HuggleHounds Hexo Knottie


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Hexo Knottie™

Hexo Knottie™ is the new baby brother to our famous lime-green Octo Knottie™. Hexo’s six azure arms and perpetually smiling face is perfect for pups looking for an ever-so-slightly more diminutive size version of Octo. Smart pups will collect them both and have 14 legs to tug.


Our original design—a friend for your best friend!

Hugglehounds® Knotties® are the original knotted, plush dog toy! Knotties® are the most durable plush dog toys available for dogs and puppies. All Knotties® are made with exclusive Tuffut Technology®, a durable three-layer lining on the inside that stays soft and cuddly on the outside.


Toy measures approximately 9" Tall x 5" Wide x 3.75" Deep (features 7 squeakers; one in head and six small ones in each knotted leg).

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