Goughnuts Original Large Ring*DI*

Goughnuts Original Large Ring*DI*


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We have 3 sizes of GoughNuts Rings - .75 Med, Original Large, & MaXX (only available in black)

Goughnuts are Guaranteed and Made in California!

The GoughNuts Ring is our flagship chew toy first designed in 2006. There was a need for a safer product and there was a need for tougher or more durable product. The Original Ring design has no weak points. The GoughNut Original ring is tough, bounces, rolls, and floats.


We have expanded the Green line to Black, our toughest color that utilizes engineered carbon reinforcement, and then to more visible colors of Orange and Yellow. Orange Green and Yellow all have the same strength while the Black and the Pro 50 are the toughest (available in a separate listing).


Our two layered technology, and our guarantee, are investments in your dog's safety. Customers remove any GoughNuts chew toy from their dog if the red indication is seen.


There are 2 sizes of colored GoughNut Rings:

.75 Ring: 3.75 inches in diameter and 1.3 inches cross section.

Original GoughNut Ring: 5 inches diameter, 1.75 inches cross section

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