Goli Curly Bunny Catnip Toy*

Goli Curly Bunny Catnip Toy*


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These cute and fun catnip infused toys for cats are available in four colors with four styles to choose from.

Features of the Nip-Naps and Curly catnip infused toys:

Catnip infused using USA grown organic catnip.

Potent, long lasting catnip scent that is irresistable to your cat!

Hand-crafted using colorful cotton fabric and a synthetic filler.

Vary in size from 2.25'' to 3'' in length depending on style.

Colors include: Red, Blue, Yellow and Pink

Styles include: Curly Kitty, Curly Bunny, Nip-Naps Kitty and Nip-Naps Bunny

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