Bergan Booster Carrier *DI*

Bergan Booster Carrier *DI*


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Bergan Booster Pet Carrier

The Bergan® Booster Pet Carrier™ allows you to transition from the car straight to on-the-go with its booster feature and comfortable over-the-shoulder strap


Transition from the car to walking easily with the Bergan® Booster Pet Carrier™! The new style of carrier features a one-of-a-kind booster feature to cut the hassle of moving your dog in and out of the car. Plus, its over-the-shoulder strap helps you carry your dog comfortably.


Booster feature cuts down the hassle of transition to and from the car.


Comfortable to carry with soft over-the-shoulder strap.


Mesh openings allow for clear visibility and breathability.

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