Baskerville Muzzle Tan*

Baskerville Muzzle Tan*

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The Tan is discontinued and replaced with the new Ultra Black Baskerville. Tan is limited to stock on hand. 

About Baskerville Muzzles

Our range of Baskerville Muzzles provides reassurance to dog owners for a wide variety of situations. 


Muzzles are another great tool in the training box for dog owners, and ultimately provide peace of mind if you are worried about a dog’s reaction. Baskerville Muzzles are suitable for visits to the groomers or vets, for dogs traveling on public transport and are also ideal for daily dog walks when meeting new dogs or people and to prevent the catching of wildlife. Robustly designed for complete safety Baskerville Muzzles can be confidently used to manage and re-train reactive or nervous dogs that can lash out to protect themselves. All Baskerville products are designed for optimum dog comfort and welfare, allowing dogs to pant and drink at all times.


Tips & Advice 

Introducing a muzzle to your dog


When first introducing a muzzle to your dog we recommended taking your time. Not rushing the acclimatization process will ensure your dog accepts wearing a muzzle as a positive process, not a punishment. In the end, if wearing a muzzle becomes part of the daily routine for your dog when going out for a walk, or to the vet or groomer, then your dog will view it in the same way as putting on their lead!


Please see the Baskerville videos in this section for our top tips on introducing a muzzle to your dog.      


Tailored fitting of the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle


The Ultra Muzzle can be warmed and molded by hand to provide a more tailored fit for your dog. The Baskerville videos in this section will show you how to do this in more detail.     


To avoid any heat injury to hands we would suggest placing the rubber part of the muzzle in a bowl of hot tap water (not boiling water) and leave to soak for about 2 minutes.


Then reshape the muzzle by hand and cool in cold water to set shape. 


Then test fit on the dog. You may need to do a couple of cycles of this shaping and fitting process to get the width fit right.


Please note - the muzzle reshaping process might have to be repeated every few months as the rubber will pull back to its original shape over a period of time.

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